Our Mission

Our mission, plain and simple, is to help B2B sales professionals get better at their jobs by doing it smarter.
There’s no degree you can earn to become a top one-percenter in sales. (Although our research has found In The Company Of Us members are 40% more likely to achieve quota than peers not in the community. So just by being here, you’ve taken a great first step!)

And there are few “natural salespeople” who can reach the peak of success alone. Books and training aren’t a good solution, either, since they’re often outdated before they go live.

It takes a community to succeed in sales. It takes mentors, sponsors, and people who are willing to pay it forward. It takes us all, working together, helping one another.

In The Company Of Us community was formed for just that purpose. It’s your resource for learning and career growth. It’s a safe place where we can work together to grow and solve the unique challenge we face. Together.

What We Believe

  • We believe we can go further together than we can alone. It takes a community, working together, supporting one another, paying it forward (and sideways and every which way) to succeed.
  • We believe actions speak louder than words. The best sales professionals aren’t fast talkers who dominate the buyer. They’re problem solvers, consultants, and advocates. Modern sales is about doing right by the customer, not making the sale at all costs.
  • We look at what people are doing, not what they’re saying, to understand their true agenda. We believe in continual growth. We should never feel we’ve “arrived.” There’s always more to learn. There’s always a new way to do things. To succeed, we can never stop learning, testing, and trying new things.
  • We believe sales (and all business) is about people first. If you put people first, helping them solve their problems and advocating for them, everything else falls into place.

Our Values


We are honest with ourselves and each other. If we aren’t honest, we can’t learn and grow together.

Hungry Craftsperson

We all view ourselves as craftspeople, and we’re here to grow and improve our craft.


We know it sometimes takes many attempts to be successful. We commit to success even when our chips are down.

Diversity & Inclusion

We can only grow when we consider new ideas and viewpoints. For the community to be valuable, we can never become an echo chamber. Different opinions and ideas are more than welcome – they are necessary.

Having Each Other’s Backs

Nobody is here to antagonize anybody else. Just the opposite. When our fellow In The Company Of Us succeed, we succeed with them. We all win and lose together. No one member is more important than the group.


With the Customer We cannot succeed in Sales if we are not empathetic with our customers. We do not look down on or think negatively of our customers. We are here to help solve their problems.


While this community has your back, you alone can own your journey. Your progress will be as great as the thought and effort you put into it.